Shadowsocks 2.5.6 for Win 更新



Shadowsocks for Win 3.2

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  1. Add AES-CTR, blowfish and camellia ciphers support, including aes-256-ctr, aes-192-ctr, aes-128-ctr, bf-cfb, camellia-128-cfb, camellia-192-cfb and camellia-256-cfb.
  2. Support one-time authentication in ss urls for sharing by @Mygod
  3. Support traffic chart and traffic icon by @celeron533
  4. Add proxy support by @Noisyfox
  5. Add verbose logging
  6. Improve LogForm
  7. Delete log file when clicking “Clean Logs” in the LogForm
  8. Bug fixes and improvements

Shadowsocks for Win 3.0

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  1. Update Privoxy to 3.0.24
  2. Replace Choose by Total Packet Loss with Choose by Statistics
  3. Support Onetime Authentication
  4. Support chacha20-ietf
  5. Optional checking updates
  6. Download updates automatically
  7. Improve log viewer
  8. Minor fixes
  9. Other improvements

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.8

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Update GFWList url

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.7

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Fix repeated IV


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Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.6

  1. Add portable mode. Create Shadowsocks_portable_mode.txt to use it
  2. Support server reorder

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.5

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  1. Fix crash when enabling Availability Statistics and some servers can not be resolved
  2. Allow multiple instances
  3. Other fixes

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.4

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Hide Privoxy icon

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.3

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  1. Replace Polipo with Privoxy
  2. Add Choose by Total Packet Loss

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.2

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Add log viewer 添加查阅日志

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5.1

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  1. Prevent HA from switching servers too frequently  防止过多的频繁切换服务器
  2. Fix server settings can not be updated when using HA  解决服务器设置使用 HA 时不能被更新
  3. Fix server port can’t be 8123  解决服务器端口
  4. Other minor fixes  其他小修复

Shadowsocks for Win 2.5

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  1. Support load balance 支持负载均衡
  2. Support high availability 支持高可用性

Shadowsocks for Win 2.4

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  1. Support UDP relay 支持 UDP 中继
  2. Support online PAC 支持在线 PAC
  3. Migrate update checker to GitHub releases 迁移到 Github
  4. Other fixes 其它修复

Shadowsocks for Win 2.3.1

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